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Carole Williams
The team at Presidential is awesome. You can tell that they really care about their work. They are diligent and they pay attention to every detail. The finished product is truly remarkable! We brought our brand new car to them for paint protection and ceramic coating. We assumed the car would look nice, but the finished job was beyond our belief. The color just popped and the feel of the paint is amazing. We cannot say enough about the fantastic job that Billy and the team did on our car. Highly recommended for anyone who loves their cars as much as we do!
Billy and his team do amazing work. Their attention to detail is top notch and they make sure your expectations match their results. The products they use are high-end, but, more importantly, their skills, prep-work, and dedication to the quality of the end result is what separates them from other detailing businesses. Do not hesitate to stop by and see what Presidential Automotive Detailing and it’s partners can do for you, whether it comes to general detailing, ceramic coatings, paint correction, paint protection films, window tinting, and even paintless dent repair.
Dan Sodano
To me, what I like most about Billy and his team is the passion that they all have. It is so apparent from my first visit to now. They love what they do, are beyond knowledgeable, and do it incredibly well at a great price. You guys will always have my business.

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