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What We Do

Protecting Your Investment

Here at Presidential Automotive Detailing, we have a carefully selected team of professionals who are experts in paint reconditioning, general detailing and professional ceramic coatings. Through our carefully selected partners, we also have a combined 30+ years in high-level paint correction, paint restoration, paint protection film, window tint films and paintless dent removal. We specialize in the application of ceramic coatings on all vehicle surfaces, wheels, interiors, convertible tops and more. Ask us how we can help you protect your investment today!

Ceramic Coatings

We offer a total surface protection experience for your vehicle. We use ceramic coating technology to protect everything from your exterior paint, exterior trim, wheels, and glass windows. Ask us how we can help protect your vehicle from the elements.

Paint Correction & Restoration Services

With multiple light sources, we inspect and polish every inch of the vehicles paint to as close to perfection as possible. Our experience allows us to find the safest methods to remove the defects within the paint, while retaining as much clear as possible.

Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle from rock chips, road debris and bug damage with paint protection films. The film is installed in house by our partners at Auto Paint Guard. With the combination of custom computer cut templates and many years of install experience, we can give you the best possible install.


What Our Customers Say

Drew Leslie
Billy and his team crushed it. I brought him a 997.1 launch edition that required a little extra love on the hood. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I’ll bring my other projects to him in the future.
Steve Gage
Billy and his team took my 911 Turbo and with paint correction and ceramic coat, made it look very close to new. The paint job really pops now with no swirl marks. Thanks again
Sam By
All the people here are extremely talented and did an outstanding job on our 2020 Bentley GT Convertible! We bought it new thought it looked great but had some glue and other polishing issues that were done by the dealership prior to taking delivery. After the guys at Presidential worked on it looks absolutely fantastic with no swirling just a deep rich shine!! Great job guys!!!
steve mccarthy
I bought a RR SVA from 1500 miles away and had Billy & his team go from Tampa to Naples to pick the unit up. The enclosed trailer they used was so clean the dealership asked them for their number to use in the future on transports! Once the vehicle got there to Presidential, Billy & his team went to work on it putting Ceramic coating on the vehicle, wheels and glass surfaces. On top of that, they did all of the black A,B & C Pillars with Xpel clear film (no micro scratches!). I picked the vehicles up and it was the best detail & coating job I have EVER seen. Billy, you and your collective there are amazing craftsmen who not only know their disciplines but they embrace them. excellent work!
Tyler Spore
I purchased my 992 from Porsche of Orlando after a 6 month wait. Its my first new Porsche, as I had a used 997.2 in the recent past. Like many of us, I went on a research bender to find the right choice of vehicle exterior protection. PPF vs. Ceramic, Ceramic vs. PPF, half-ppf vs.full-ppf etc. What I discovered, was that regardless of the chosen solution, if any; 99% of the success of your choice is the installer. The second most important variable is understanding what product you are buying and why you need it in the first place. Presidential Auto was amazing at answering ALL my questions. PPF=Full I chose to full-PPF the new car. I had a second PPF layer added overtop the first layer (so doubled) in the highly prone areas where damage is common. You need to ask them about this. It is an ingenious idea that even those in the Porsche forums were really interested in learning more about. This technique affords extra protection, and the option to just peel that layer off in a year or two, yielding the underlying fist layer. Smart advice and really logical IMO. Ceramic=Full I then chose to do a full-car Ceramic coating of GTechniQ Serum overtop of the PPF. This achieves another layer of protection and adds hydrophobic properties to the PPF. The PPF self-heals even if a ceramic is applied. I learned all of this from Billy. Really amazing technology. Window Tint=Full Finally, I had the windows tinted and decided to go with both a tint on the inside of the windshield, and a special exterior film placed on the outside of the windshield. Tint has come a long way. The reduction in heat is truly remarkable. Again, educated and consulted with their team at Presidential on the right application for my wants and needs. In FL, anything is a help. But they delivered a cooler climate in direct sunlight. I am really impressed. Door-to-Door Delivery The drive to deliver the car would have been 4 hours total. I asked Presidential for an option to pickup and drop off. They had a solution for that too! And man did that company present well! The car was scheduled to be picked up from DeLand, FL in an enclosed car hauler….which arrived on-time, by the way! MNM Safe-Haul out of Tampa is who appeared. Their equipment was A+! The owner Travis, was like an executive. His transportation rig is exactly what you want protecting and transporting fine cars. The entire team is a clean and squared outfit! Its was unnerving to buy a car and give it to someone a day later for transport. MNM Safe Haul made that fear dissipate very quickly. Insured and happy to prove so upon request. Again, Presidential picked them. Presidential Auto & Billy Billy, the owner, can be seen on Youtube doing other 911’s. Let me say this, I could not find an imperfection. Billy did the infamous YouTuber’, Adam LZ’s car, which was a new 911, and you can see a lot of what was done to my car in that video, which is a 992 TS like mine. That video helped focus my questions and see the thought that goes into the finished product. Throughout the project, Billy, updated me on his progress, sent pictures, and maintained his proposed schedule to the day! I could not be more complimentary of his work. I purposely waited several weeks, and multiple washes before I decided to review this company. I have recently called Billy on a Sunday for care questions and he responded timely and friendly. So, if you are looking for perfect and are even near Central Florida, Presidential Auto delivered an amazing product. I’m taking the time to write this because I want others to find the best and get the results i have.

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