Presidential Detailing

Protecting Your Investment

Presidential Detailing is a carefully selected team of professionals in Tampa, Florida, specializing in each category of paint protection that the industry offers. We have over 10 years experience in high-level paint correction, paint restoration, and paint polishing. We also specialize in the application of ceramic coatings on vehicle paint, wheels, bikes, boats and just about anything with a painted surface. We apply a ceramic coating on 95% of the vehicles that come through our shop, which is hundreds of vehicles over the last several years. What this means to you is that we are very well versed in the installation of ceramic coatings to many different surfaces and paint types. We have tested many of the ceramic coatings on the market and only offer what we believe provides the best protection and ease of maintenance qualities for our clients.

We also have over 20 years of combined experience in applying clear paint protection and window films, to the highest standard. We create our custom templates in-house using a few select modifications that we have learned over the years to make the fit of the clear bra virtually invisible. Since we cut our templates in-house, we can customize a package specific for your needs. We can do as little as the headlights only, all the way up to wrapping the entire car to protect it from rock chips, accidental door dings, scratches from brushing up against the vehicle, and even unavoidable road debris.